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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the mailing address & e-mail I.D.?

The Registrar,
Supreme Court of India,
Tilak Marg,
New Delhi-110 201 (India)
PABX NOS.23388922-24,23388942-44,
FAX NOS.23381508,23381584,23384336/23384533/23384447
For Query/suggestions please e-mail at : supremecourt@nic.in



What is the physical location of the Supreme Court ?

Click here MAP


Where can I get more information ?

Review the handbook information, Practice & Procedure - A Hand Book of Information available in Reception Counter in this handbook may change, such as fees, court related information and phone numbers. Please check this website in those specific areas to be sure that you have the most current information or contact PRO office.



Why can't I read some of the documents on the website?

Many documents on the Website are in the pdf, odt & doc format. Acrobat Reader (6.0 or higher) and Open Office (2.0 or higher) are required to open these documents. Our Website is also best viewed in Firefox.



How do I get certified copy and How to know certified copy is ready or not?

Certified copies are prepared and issued by the Copying Branch. Such information will also be available on the Website also.
Uncertified copy of the judgments Or Orders/Court Proceedings are available in the Supreme Court of India Website i.e. JUDGMENTS & COURTNIC.






what is E-Filing? Whether this E-Filing process is a user friendly programme?


E-Filing is Electronic filing of matters in the Registry of Supreme Court of India. Yes, E-Filing is a user friendly programme prepared by National Informatics Centre.


Q.2 what is the benefit of E-Filing facility?

Through E-Filing facilitates any Advocate-on-record (in the Supreme Court of India) or Petitioner-in-person can file his/her matter through internet facility, sitting anywhere in the world. It does not require any person to come at the filing Counter in the Registry of the Supreme Court of India for just filing his/her matter.


Q.3 what are the procedures/ steps required to be taken for E-Filing process?

Prequalification - you must have prepared the Petition offline. The steps required for E-Filing process are:

1. Login: For login you need User ID and Password. (Advocate on record are provided ID and password from the Registry. Petitioner-in-person has to create his ID and Password by submitting his/her Identity proof.

2. After successful login, you have to upload all the files/documents of the matter.

3. At last Court Fee is automatically calculated through system. The total Court Fee includes Court Fee prescribed in the Supreme Court Rules + printing charges (@1.50 per page) for 1+5 sets(in case of Writ Petition) or 1-3 sets(in rest of the matters). The total Court Fee is payable online through Credit Card only.

4. Finally, if Court Fee is successfully paid a reference no. is generated by the system against the case filed by the Petitioner-in-Person/Advocate on record. Same reference no. is to be used again at the time of refilling of documents.


Q.4 How Court Fee is calculated in a case filed through E-Filing?

The prescribed Court Fee and printing charges @ 1.50 per page can be paid through any visa/master credit Card. No Additional Court Fee or processing fee is required for E-Filing.


Q.5 How Documents are filed through E-Filing?

Documents like Counter, Rejoinder, Fresh application etc. can be filed through Internet either by Advocate-on-record or by Petitioner-in-person. The text can be typed on computer and same may be submitted as an attachment. The documents bearing signatures need to be scanned first and scanned page(s) may be submitted as an attachment.


How Documents sent through E-Filing are safer and secure than by sending it through Post/Courier?

A unique Reference No. is allotted at the time of filing of the case through E-Filing. Every Advocate-on-record is given a password by the Registry. Since the pass word is known only to the concerned Advocate, it is not possible for any other person to file any matter or document on his behalf. The password can be changed by accessing the website.


what are the requirement of filing a matter through this facility?

All petitions filed through this facility follow under Supreme Court Rules, 1966. A handbook of Supreme Court Rules, 1966 is available at the Website of Supreme Court of India http://www.supremecourtofindia.nic.in


what are the steps to file additional documents/ application in an E-Filed matter?

A Reference No. is allotted at the time of filing of fresh matter. Any Additional document/ application or re-filing of modified pages /Annexure can only be done by using the same Reference No. through re-filing option


what is the mode of payment of Court Fee in the matters filed through E-Filing?

Court Fee can only be paid through any 16 Digit Credit Card issued by any of the banks. No Money orders/ Demand Drafts are accepted for payment of Court Fee.


How a Petitioner-in-Person/Advocate on-record can track the status of his/her matter filed through E-Filing facility?

Once the matter is successfully e-filed, Dy.No. Is allotted to the matter and same is e-mailed to the Petitioner. Petitioner can track the status of his/her case through that Dy.No. Dy.No., defects, notices and letters are communicated to the Petitioner through e-mail as well as through Registered Post by concerned dealing Section.