Former Judges


Hon'ble Sir Syed Fazl Ali
Hon'ble Sir Syed Fazl Ali
[Date of Appointment: 26/01/1950 - Held Office till: 18/09/1951]
Former Judge, Federal/Supreme Court (9-6-1947 -18-9-1951),
Judge Supreme Court (15-10-1951 30-5-1952)


  • The Hon’ble Sir Syed Fazl Ali, Kt. (Jan, 1941) B.A. (Allahabad), Bar-at-Law, Judge, Federal Court/Supreme Court – 9 Jun. 1947-19 Sept., 1951 and 15 Oct., 1951 – 30 May, 1952.  b. Sept,, 19, 1886, s. of Saiyid Nazir Ali, m. Kubra Begum, two s. and three d.  Educ.: London Mission School, Benaras, Queens College, Benaras, Muir Central College, Allahabad; Middle Temple, London,  Practised as a Barrister at Chapra and Patna, Judge,  Patna High Court April 1928, acted as Chief Justice 1938; deputed by the Govt. of Bihar to settle certain industrial disputes at Jamshedpur.  Appointed Permanent Chief Justice Jan. 1943, Chairman R.I.N: Mutiny Enquiry Commission, April 46.  Member Caslcutta Disturbances Enquiry Commission September 1946; went as Delegate for India to the 2nd Session of the U.N. General Assembly at New York September 1947; Elected Chairman of the Fifth Committee of the Assembly during that session; Governor at Orissa 1952-54, Chairman, States Reorganization Commission (SRC) 1954-55, Governor Assam, 1956-1959.